Simply a suite of award services

What is Award Alley®?

Award Alley is a "digital alley" embracing a suite of services for award applicants, award and grant organizers, and award recipients. Award Alley offers three disitinct services:

1. For Award Alley® Award Applicants

Award Alley offers a suite of awards to recognize businesses, organizations, professionals, and individuals in numerous industries and categories acknowledging their outstanding works and services - Check it out.

2. For Award or Grant Organizers

Award Alley provides an easy-to-use web-based software enableing organizations or businesses to easily manage award or grant applications -  See details.

3. For Award Recipients

Award Alley provides an online plateform for individuals, organizations and businesses to consolidate and showcase all their awards and recognitions in one place. Check it out.


What customers and users say about us.


"Award Alley is the perfect solution for transitioning our grants to a web-based process. Our applicants transitioned effortlessly from our former paper application to the digital format. Panelists spoke very highly of the ease of access and seamless integration of support materials, attachments, and narrative. The Award Alley team was very responsive and the software has helped us streamline our grant process so successfully that we plan to use it again for the entire grants program."

Dwight Walth
Director of Grant Services and Community Initiatives
City of Phoenix Arts and Culture Office


“I recently used Award Alley to review grant applications. The website was intuitive and easy to use. It also helped me to keep my thoughts organized as I read through each application. And, it looked great on my tablet. Overall, a great experience!"

Anthony Runfola
General Manager