Award or Grant Organizer

Award Alley gives you---award or grant organizer---an integrated suite of user-friendly widgets to easily manage your award or grant application process from administration, application, judging to reporting, saving you time and costs of up to 75%!

Traditional Process

Award Alley Process

Other benefits include:

  • All award or grant application records are maintained in one place.
  • Real-time data and results
  • Happy applicants and happy judges

Award Administration

The administration suite includes a set of dashboards (or screens) for the administrator to prepare and launch one or more award or grant applications easily and effectively. Once an award or grant application is live, the administrator will be able to monitor or view the progress in real-time until the judging period is completed.

In preparation for an award or grant application, the administrator can login to his or her Award Alley account to:

  • Enter detailed award or grant information including purpose of the award or grant, logo/pictures, application URL
  • Schedule dates and times of the application and judging period by time zone
  • Create application forms
  • Set scoring options, either 0-10, 0-100, or 100% total weight
  • Select and invite judges
  • Publish the organization's award or grant website (i.e.

A "Clone" feature is also available for the administrator to clone one or more award or grant applications, including the application forms, from previous year such that he or she does not have to re-enter the information again.

Once an award or grant application is in progress, the administrator can view the followings in real-time:

  • Status of each application
  • Current scoring of the applicants
  • Current ranking of the applicants

Award Application

Entering and submitting an award or grant application form is simple and easy. Once the application is available by the Award or Grant Organizer, applicants simply sign up or login and begin filling out their application.

Award Alley also provides the following benefits to the applicants:

  • Real-time countdown timer on the side of the application form of when the application period will be over.
  • Application entries can be saved anytime until they are ready to submit the application.
  • Every applicant is provided with a status dashboard with all the information about the application.
  • Access to the current and past award or grant applications.
  • Create an Award Alley page to showcase their current and past awards.

Award Judging

Judging is a time-intensive process. At Award Alley, we have the most ease-to-use platform and scoring elements giving your award judges (or grant review panelists) the convenience and enjoyable judging experience.

Features include:

  • Real-time display of judging period
  • User-friendly scoring platform
  • Judges scoring notes for each question
  • Judging comments to applicants (Only if Award Organizer turns on this setting)
  • Identify if conflict of interest exists
  • Judging correction can be made before judging deadline
  • Judges can return to view (only) applications after judging period is over
  • Judges will receive email invitation from the Award Organizer with unique URL and access code to login for judging award or grant applications.

Award Reporting

Results do not have to wait until the end of the period -- it's real-time.

  • Scores of all the judges for each application are compiled in real-time.
  • Real-time rankings of award or grant applicants.
  • All application data and judging scores can be exported to CSV format.
  • All application data can be viewed in raw format.